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Ultra Love Mondays

LGBT fun games, drag queen shows.

Every Monday night, come and join us for LGBT fun games and queen drag shows with a lot of fun! No experience required! The chateau lounge nightlife offers something for everyone. Bring the action at energy-pumping LGBT fun games to the chateau lounge every Monday night, or go and catch an impromptu drag performance in a no-frills place where the drinks are always flowing.  The chateau lounge doesn't disappoint.

Boricua Tuesdays

Karaoke Night at the Chateau Hookah Lounge

Come and pour your heart out at our karaoke night Tuesday. There is going to be a lot of great live music but join us now if you want to be the star. Our karaoke night on Tuesday is like no others as it comes with a live DJ every Tuesday night. Are you coming? If yes! Please fuel up on burgers and steaks, pastries, and cake and then come and put your singing skills to the test. The chateau lounge offers memorable karaoke nights and a chance for you to step into the spotlight and shine

Allure Wednesdays

Grown and sexy vibes

Let's go! Social life Wednesday, a night for the grown & sexy. This is your invitation to our Wednesday night allure grown and sexy vibes party. You can join us at the allure grown with sexy vibes. This night will be superb and bring you a more unforgettable memory. Do I need to say more? The night is all about the grown and sexy with a lot of good vibes.

Throwback Thursdays

Playing 90's 2000's and freestyle music every last Thursday concert.

Welcome to throwback Thursdays. When you step into a time machine with us, we will take you back to some of the most legendary one-hit-wonders and guilty pleasure anthems of history in 90s, 2000s and freestyle music every last Thursday concert. A night throwback club that connects with different types of crowds. Their DJ will present every Thursday night entertaining with the hottest old music 90s and 2000s.

Belaire Fridays

Dress to impress. Best of Hiphop

Every Friday is #hihopfriday at the chateau lounge. We warm-up before the weekend party! Always lit. The chateau hookah lounge is ready to give everyone hip hop music a place to spend their Friday nights. Come get a load of some of the best music the hip-hop scene has to offer from young and old artists. Each artist has their own exceptional story & fanbase, as well as projects out on every platform that your favorite artist is on. Get in tune because these Friday night artists have something to say!

Toxica Latin Saturdays

Latin Nights

This is all about the Latin night event every Saturday! Come prepared to have a lot of fun. This is a night where students, professionals, and music enthusiasts can get together and enjoy a night of Latin dance. Our Latin night party will make you have a great time, meeting other people just like you who love to party!  So, invite friends, colleagues and let enjoy our Saturday night!

Artist Gallery Sundays

Art shows at the Chateau Hookah Lounge

Artist gallery, live performance, art painting, networking, models, producers.

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