Hey you,

Yeah you reading this right now… Welcome to The Chateau Nightclub website. Our website is dope and all but it does NOT do enough justice compared to when you in the building! You see, our club is ALWAYS, on TURNED UP VIBE! We BARELY, have a night where we have a left over VIP. Yes, SOLD EVERY WEEKEND! That’s why we advise you to book ahead. Just saying… Now, that restrictions have loosened up here in Orlando and Kissimmee Florida, we are now opened 7 days a week, with a LIVE DJ that be ROCKING THE CLUB! Yeo the Energy be CRAZY! Not to brag or nothing BUT we the best (DJ Khaled voice) If I was reading this I would be like “hmm and why is that?” Let us tell you why. We don’t like lame vibes. Like at ALL… What’s a lame vibe? Anyone bored, anyone on their phone texting nonstop, someone on social network all night being a creeper on everyone else story. UMMM LAME! Now if you tagging us and recording the vibe, then that’s a different story and TRUST let us know what you doing and we will turn that video UP with you! That’s a Promise! So how do we prevent these lame vibes? OUR STAFF IS AWESOME DUH! We LOVE good vibes. We have a few games in place to break the ice on the floor while it’s slow. Life size Connect four, Jenga (we love Jenga) and Beer Pong (Let us know if you want to take an L we hand them out FREE) lol. Now, REMEMBER, we love good vibes. So rude people, we LEGIT have a 0 tolerance rule for. You gots to go, we don’t expect you to go home but you MOST DEFF have to leave our home if you trying to kill OUR vibe. So, this barely happens like BARLEY but just in case you have been worn. Don’t be a party pooper as they say. Okay by the way don’t just take our word for it; if you look we have OVER 1,000 reviews and a HIGH rating on Google! We don’t play when we say we are a WHOLE VIBE! Make sure to check out our social media section so you can see that we be LIT!

$80 Bottles

Free entry

A Night to get away, escape and lounge. Great music, Great Vibes! 

$80 Bottles

Free Entry

Come and enjoy our great $80 bottle deal. We kick back with open format of music. Super sized games, Jenga, Corn hole and Connect 4!


$80 Bottles (Free Entry)

Fashion Friday's

Dress to impress. Best of Hip hop

Every Friday is #hihopfriday at the chateau lounge. We warm-up before the weekend party! Always lit. The chateau hookah lounge is ready to give everyone hip hop music a place to spend their Friday nights. Come get a load of some of the best music the hip-hop scene has to offer from young and old artists. Each artist has their own exceptional story & fanbase, as well as projects out on every platform that your favorite artist is on. Get in tune because these Friday night artists have something to say!

Noche De Baile

Latin Tropical Nights

This is all about the Latin night event every Saturday! Come prepared to have a lot of fun. This is a night where students, professionals, and music enthusiasts can get together and enjoy a night of Latin dance. Our Latin night party will make you have a great time, meeting other people just like you who love to party!  So, invite friends, colleagues and let enjoy our Saturday night!

$80 Bottles

(Free Entry)