The Chateau Lounge

The Chateau Cafe Lounge Nightclub is The Best Dance Full Liquor Bar in The Kissimmee Orlando Area!

Kick Start Your Fun With Our Full-Service Liquor Bar!

The Chateau Cafe Lounge Bar and Nightclub is The Best Dance Club and Full-Service Bar in The Kissimmee Orlando Area!
We’ll Let You Borrow Our Aesthetic For The Night
At The Chateau Lounge, there are few things that we love more than good aesthetics. That is why we personally designed our lounge. It was made to look absolutely stunning no matter what kind of party we are throwing. When you drop by to visit us, we make it easy for you to look good. Enjoy posing and dancing at our premier nightclub.
Do not hesitate to step in front of either of our amazing black and gold or white and gold steps or repeat banners. Snag a picture at our custom 16-foot granite full bar that has been imported all the way from Brazil. Every part of our dance bar is designed to be photographed so that every picture you take is Instagram-worthy!


Are You Ready To Shine?

At The Chateau  Lounge, everyone is a superstar. Our classy Miami cafe and dance bar is perfect for helping you to enjoy a night out. Get out on the town and show off your evening at our premiere dance bar. We offer a casual and dressy feel that makes it possible for you to always snag amazing photos. Drop by one of our Hollywood-esque carpets or use any of our amazing backdrops. They are perfect for your own personal photoshoot. After all, what’s the point of visiting a swanky Florida nightclub if you don’t have plenty of pictures to show off
Snag a photo there, then head on over for a few quick snapshots on our dance floor!


Have You Ever Wanted To Visit A Cafe In Italy?

The Chateau Lounge is a swanky joint that has been largely inspired by Italian design. We can’t actually transport you to Italy, sure. Still, we think that we have done a pretty great job of bringing Italy to our customers. Our team went so far as to actually import a wide variety of design elements from Italy. It creates a perfectly authentic appearance. You will love our exclusive Versace wallpaper for all of your selfies! Want to make your ex jealous? Make them think that you are off on an expensive European vacation with someone cute from the dance bar! We’re more than ready to help with our designer full bar cafe offerings.


Did Someone Say Full Bar With A Waterfall?

Are you a mermaid secretly trapped in a boring adult body? Do you absolutely love the look and sound of water? Maybe you’re just the kind of person who loves cool and exciting effects at your local bar? No matter what, The Chateau Lounge is completely ready to deliver. Understanding that nothing says “Miami” quite like the ocean, we decided to go ahead and add a stunning waterfall effect to one of our full bar areas. Make sure you post the video to your Instagram story. Everyone needs to know that you hang out at the hottest dance bar in town!


Celebrate At The Chateau Lounge For The Ultimate VIP Treatment!

Every occasion is a reason to celebrate at The Chateau Lounge. We consider our customers to be like family. This is why we work hard to make sure that you can always have the celebration of your dreams! No matter what you are celebrating, we are more than ready to show you a good time. RSVP in advance and receive the full VIP treatment for your event. Enjoy your own space with a nice table at our cafe. More importantly, enjoy easy access to our helpful and friendly dance bar and cafe staff!


Big Celebration or Small Celebration?

At The Chateau lounge, no cause for celebration is too small. We are happy to offer completely tailored experiences for our guests. Are you turning 30? Snag one of our VIP tables and enjoy a night of luxury at the full bar! Are you and the girls out for a wild bachelorette party looking for some amazing cocktails while you reminisce? We’ve got you covered. You and the boys heading out for a final night of debauchery before your bro ties the knot forever? There’s a package for that. We don’t just celebrate unions either. The Chateau Lounge is the perfect place to celebrate your divorce (this is becoming seriously common) too!
Ladies' night, night out with the boys, it doesn’t matter. Give us a call so that we can reserve a table. We will set you up in our cafe and dance bar for you and your closest friends. Our seating is limited, so make sure you act fast so that you can enjoy the VIP treatment!

Enjoy Our Full Bar (it has everything!)

At The Chateau Lounge Bar and Nightclub, our full bar is stocked with anything that you can imagine. We’ve got all of your favorites and brands that are going to be your new favorites. We also have some of the classic stuff to make sure that everyone can get exactly what they want. We carry everyone’s top liquors including Patron, Tito’s, Hennessy, Ciroc, Malibu, and so much more.

At our full bar, we like to bring together the classics with a modern twist. Our incredibly talented bartenders are more than ready to make you any drink that your heart desires. They know how to make all of the classics. They also know a variety of exciting exclusive drinks and are completely open to taking requests. Our staff is always ready to rise to the occasion. Our bartenders take pride in making amazing drinks that will leave you ready for another round at our full bar!

Ask us about anything and see what we can make for you!

The Dance Bar Dress Code

At The Chateau Lounge, we wanted to make sure that our guests are always in for the time of their lives. We believe that a night out on the town is always a special occasion. It deserves some prep work before you go into it. Our full bar and dance bar is perfect for helping your selfies to show off just how amazing your evening is. We have a reinforced dress code that guarantees that everyone will look just as good as you do.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a black-tie affair. At The Chateau Lounge, all that we ask is that you show up looking good and ready to have a night of fun. Our dress code is cute and casual. We’re not asking you to look too fancy. We just think that a proper night out has a look, and we ask our customers to meet it. You don’t want to be hitting on the cutie at one of our bars in a t-shirt. Step up your game and show up in style!

The Best Cafe and Dance Bar Staff Around

At The Chateau Lounge, we only hire the absolute best. Our staff is composed of fun and friendly people who are ready to help you have the best night ever. They are ready to help you with drinks, food, and will work with you to solve any problem. Want to know the crazy part? They love doing it!

At The Chateau Lounge, our casa es su casa! To our staff, every single guest at The Chateau Lounge is considered a member of our family. Whether you visit our cafe, full bar, or dance bar, we love you for it. No matter what you are looking for, they are more than ready to help you out. Need someone to take a picture of you and your friends? We’ll handle it. Running low on drinks? Consider it done. Our team is here to support your evening of fun, and we love going the extra mile.

Are You Under 21 for Nightclub?

We know that most dance bars only pander to the 21+ crowd, but we aren’t like normal clubs. We believe that any adult of any age has the right to a good time, and we are happy to support it. You might not be able to drink just yet. Fortunately, we are happy to serve you a wide range of amazing virgin cocktails and slushies that will absolutely blow your mind. Instead of staying stuck at home, why not visit us and have a hot night out? There is no rule that says you have to drink at a dance bar. Eat some grub, slam a virgin cocktail, then get out on the dancefloor!

Don’t Fall For The Poser Dance Bars

Do you want to know one of the dirtiest secrets in the dance bar business? When you are searching for a place to hang out, 87.3% of your searches are yielding false results. When you search for things like “bars near me” “lounge near me” or “nightclub near me” and end up on a website, you’re probably not looking at the actual nightclub you intend to visit. The majority of these websites actually use fake stock photos to intentionally mislead customers and draw in traffic. At The Chateau Lounge, we are all authentic all the time. What you see is what you get when you hang with us!


We believe that every fun night deserves the perfect soundtrack. This is why we work with some of the best DJs in the area to guarantee a good time. Our venue plays everyone’s favorites and we even offer specialty themed nights for added fun. Stop by if you love Hip-Hop, EDM, Latin, Afro Beats, Old School, New School, 80s Freestyle, or RnB.

Stop by for a listen and start dancing!

Our Goal

To establish strong relationships with our customers that always offer satisfaction and help to boost the Kissimmee, Orlando community.


The Chateau Lounge is not just a full bar and it’s not just a nightclub. We are proud to offer a wide range of activities and games so you can have a good time! Whether you’re looking for some good old-fashioned 18+ family fun, or you want to play some exciting drinking games with your 21+ crew, we have you covered. Drop by for Drunken Master, Tipsy Hula Hoop, or The Cha Cha Slide!

Our Mission

To spread the kind of love that can be shared within our community and beyond

The Chateau Cafe Lounge - A Place To Create Memories of The Most Enjoyable Times With Loving Ones  

Are you looking for a premium liquor bar in Kissimmee Orlando, Flordia? Welcome to the Chateau Cafe Lounge, a place full of fun and excitement. The Chateau Lounge & bar has been dedicated to creating good vibes by offering moreish drinks for the last many years. Our cocktail bar offers a seasonal menu of super delicious cocktails and table service.
Our premier lounge bar is a place to party, with live DJs, disco sounds, and with a rocking dance floor.
Stylishly designed bar to create an appealing impression of walking into a lavish club, the Chateau Lounge is an intimate lounge providing a great place to enjoy liquor with friends. Our friendly staff will mix up a delicious cocktail of your choice or impress you with one of our creations. You can select from our impressive selection of wines and champagnes with meal options ranging from club sandwiches to BBQ.
So wait no more, and let’s have Drinks, and play exciting games with friends.
Attention Peeps!
Do you want to make a reservation during COVID-19? Luckily, The Chateau Lounge is at your service. YAY! We are open in COVID, from 6 pm till 2 am every day. From 6 pm—10 pm is a soft lounge vibe, and after 10 pm.. yes, there would be live Dj music, delicious food, and lots of drinks.
Exquisite Night Bar
Our elegant night bar is for you to enjoy a fantastic night out with friends and groups. Rock the dance floor at our dance bar on the Hollywood-esque carpets. Capture photos with friends, and enjoy your time. We offer an amazing seasonally-changing list of cocktails that feature our spirits and those we love worldwide. You can find a comprehensive list of classic cocktails. So whether you are looking for a cold beer or a glass of sexy wine, we have a fabulous rotating selection of local draught and the bottled beers. A range of seasonal snacks is also ready to order at our bar.



We're only 5.1 miles from Walt Disney. 6.2 miles away from Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. Old Town is 4 miles away.

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