In recent years, hookah lounges have been growing in popularity all around the globe. These fun environments provide you with a completely unique way to spend an evening. You can enjoy something fun that you can’t really get anywhere else. Shisa is a unique offering and most places that do offer it are very specific because they only have hookah to offer.

To help you understand what makes hookah lounges so great, we decided to breakdown some of our favorite reasons to visit one.


It’s An Experience

The simple fact is that visiting a hookah lounge is an experience that you can’t get just anywhere. It involves using a unique set of tools, embracing an original process, and offers a fun set of tastes and smells that are just plain awesome. Smoking shisha is unlike anything else, and you can only get the experience at an actual shisha bar. When you settle in around a hookah, you will know that you are in for something completely original.


It’s Perfect For Talking

The best part about hookah is that it gives you a chance to spend a relaxing time with friends. Sure, visiting the nearest dance bar is a great chance to have fun, but hookah provides a different kind of environment. It is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends and share stories around the hookah. In fact, the calming and relaxed act of passing around the pipe is a great chance to spend time cracking jokes and enjoying each other’s company.


It’s An Opportunity to Learn More About Another Culture

Smoking hookah is popular in other countries around the globe, but it is fairly new here. Even though it has been around for a while, the popularity and opportunity to spend time at hookah bars is something that has really only been common within the last decade. It is nice to sit down for a unique experience and partake in something that is so common in other areas.


It’s Delicious

One thing that people almost never expect with hookah is the flavor options. When you smoke from a hookah, the tobacco that is used is available in a wide variety of different flavors. They range from normal and refreshing all the way to sweet and delicious. It is an awesome flavor experience that will leave you wanting more!



Visiting a shisha lounge is a fun experience that has so much to offer the right visitors. If you are looking to spend time with friends or just want to try something new, a hookah lounge is a great way to do it. Fortunately, we know that not everyone wants to spend their whole night calm and relaxing, which is why we also offer a full liquor bar and a dance club after ten. Start your night off with calming hookah experience by booking a table and then head out for a night of dancing when you’re done!