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VIP Bottle Service

*Prices listed do not include tax and gratuity. 

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When celebrities go to a club, they expect the best of everything. Guaranteed admittance to the club, special attention from the staff, priority seating and access to the best drinks. The bartenders craft, are all among the perks of being a true VIP at clubs in major U.S. cities. But those special services aren’t just for the rich and famous.

Ready to Reserve?

Bottle service (also called table service), is a full bottle of liquor or Champagne at one of our VIP exclusive booths. The details vary, depending on the package. In general, the price of the bottle includes basic mixers like cranberry juice, limes and soda, as well as the sparklers when the bottle service is brought out to you. You’re getting VIP exclusivity, is as straightforward as reserving an umbrella on the beach.


We have multiple packages to choose from. We know everyone’s party group may vary because of how many people they have. So our best advise is for you to call in ahead of time so we can be able to customize your package to your needs!

What are the advantages to getting bottle service?

  • You get expedited entry in a VIP bottle service line.
  • You get real estate – a place to sit, put your things. (though make sure you hold on to valuables – people often get their things stolen at tables)
  • Bottle service comes with alcohol and comp’ed entry. (oftentimes the cost is pretty close to getting in on general admission and buying drinks at the bar)

If you’re a guy, you can bring girls back to your table If you’re a girl, you don’t have to flirt with guys to mooch drinks.