Coffee shops are the basis of a productive society in so many ways. You only need to look at the line around any Starbucks in the morning to know that most of us are nothing without coffee. Some people drink it first thing in the morning. Others drink it for an afternoon boost. The fact is that we all love good coffee. Knowing this, The Chateau Lounge team has made the decision to open up our very own Cafe Lounge. For years now, we have prided ourselves on providing delicious drinks to our customers. Now, we are moving up our hours to provide a high-quality cafe experience that you are sure to love. Read on to learn about what we have to offer!


Completely Original Coffee-Based Drinks

Though we are happy to offer many classic coffee drinks, the fact is that we have optimized them for flavor. Using the best ingredients, we mix our coffee just like we do our cocktails: with flavor in mind. You can count on a variety of classic and original drinks that are guaranteed to have a completely unique twist.


A Fun Environment

Sure, you might not be one to frequent the nearest dance bar, but there are other ways to enjoy them. The Chateau Lounge is a lounge by day and a nightclub by night. You can count on dropping by one of our tables for the ultimate place to spend time whether it is for your coffee fix or to visit our full liquor bar.


Delicious Food

Our lounge experience is designed with our customers in mind. We want you to be able to enjoy good drinks, good coffee, and an amazing meal. Our talented chefs are more than ready to deliver when it comes to your tastebuds. You will love our lounge food, which is the perfect balance between appetizers and full-on meals so that you always have something to nibble on.


An Adults-Only Environment

There is nothing worse than visiting your local coffee shop to get some work done only to find it busy. It isn’t exactly easy to work on a term paper when the table next to you has three screaming kids. The Chateau Lounge is an 18+ lounge, so you can always count on some peace and quiet. Until our night scene kicks in, it is a great way to kick back and get some work done.



There are plenty of great local coffee shops in the area, which is why we are more than ready to compete. At our Cafe Lounge, you can enjoy coffee, snacks, and a great place to hang out. Whether you are visiting alone or with friends, feel free to book one of our tables so that you can claim your space. We will be ready to take your drink order whether it is traditional coffee, spiked coffee, or one of our signature cocktails!