What To Look For In A Good Hookah Bar


Visiting a hookah bar is a great way to spend a little time relaxing with good company. Using a hookah is a completely original and flavor-filled experience that is a ton of fun for decompressing after a long day. Hookah bars are fairly easy to find with a quick online search, but you want to look for a good one before you choose. That is why we wanted to make a quick guide so you know what to look for in a good hookah bar!


A Clean Environment

Using a hookah pipe involves putting your mouth on it, which means cleanliness matters. If you notice that your local hookah bar doesn’t have a clean setup, you’re in trouble. It is unlikely that they are taking proper precautions with their pipes, which means that you could be at risk. To find a good hookah experience, make sure that the environment is clean and well kept so that you know that the owners care!


Plenty of Great Flavors

Part of the charm of enjoying hookah is the flavor options. The tobacco that is used in a hookah comes in a wide range of different flavors. When you’re selecting a good place to enjoy smoking hookah, make sure they have plenty to offer. Even if they only have a few flavors, make sure that they sound good to you. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to flavors, so take the time to look at the menu and make sure they have what you want.


Good Reviews

When it comes to smoking hookah, you want a good experience. The great part about internet culture is how opinionated everyone is. If someone has had a horrible experience somewhere, you will know. Check out the reviews for your local hookah bars before you head over so you know you can count on a good experience. Learn from the mistakes of others!


Other Perks

Most hookah bars only allow you to sit down and smoke hookah. While that is fun and might be what you are looking for, it pays to visit somewhere that offers more. You might want to be able to enjoy a cocktail while you puff on your delicious tobacco. Look for places that make this possible so you get the most out of your investment!



When you are going to spend money somewhere, you want to enjoy a quality experience. Different businesses have different practices, different standards, and different options. Since smoking hookah is an intimate and flavorful process, you want to make sure that you find a good place to enjoy it. At The Chateau Lounge, we offer hookah, a full liquor bar, and a complete nightclub experience. We are more than ready to serve the 18+ crowd with our amazing drinks, fun events, and tasty hookah options. Book your table today so that you can guarantee your spot when we open for the day. You’ll be glad that you did!

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